Who needs storage these days?

Storage Units In Jasper Ga 30143

Shaye Young
December 8th, 2022

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Who is the ideal candidate for storage you ask?

There are times in life that we are faced with changes. In the storage world, the 4 D's of storage need are Death, Divorce, Dislocation, and Downsizing.

Death. Losing our loved ones is difficult to say the least. The events following the death of someone we care about is where the difficulty comes in to play. We are left trying to piece together paperwork, belongings, legal matters, financials, and funeral arrangements. There are occassions that the estate must also be settled. When this happens, storage is a good place to provide security for the belongings that must be removed from the home, but don't have a place to be stored before they are separated or donated. R&R Self Storage of Jasper offers month to month leases to alleviate some of the pressure of this difficult time.

Additionally, your loved one may already HAVE a storage unit. What do you do with the interior of that unit? Those items must also be taken into inventory and disbursed. Again, with month to month leases, the task at hand is really dividing the items inside the unit and closing out that unit with the office at R&R. Taking care of the heirlooms, history, memories, and collectibles of those we love is paramount in times of distress. However, you would need to obtain legal documentation that your are the person that needs to be in charge of the estate unless you already have gate codes and keys to the storage unit(s).

Divorce. Usually in cases of divorce, the need for a storage unit is immediate and unexpected. Typically, a divorce is an unpleasant experience, and both parties may opt to move personal items to storage to protect them until the details of the divorce are final, not excluding the fact that the marital home could possibly go on the market for sale to split the proceeds between the parties.

You can avoid having to move your belongings from place to place before you can settle on a new home. Storage makes it easy as a "parking place" for your items while you are between homes. You can travel more freely finding that new place without having to move your items from one location to another multiple times.

Once you leave the marital home, it can be hard to continue to go back to get more of your items. It is best practice to gather all your belongings that you want to keep and take them to a storage unit that you control until the marriage is finalized. Remember, get your seasonal items that have been in the attic this year so you won't have to return in months to get them to display for the Holiday. Get your personal items, clothing, furnishings that you will be taking to your new home and put them in storage for their safe keeping.

Sometimes it is best to consider leaving some of the past behind. You don't have to clean out the house and put everything you own in storage - now is a good time to take a look at what you're carrying with you to see if it is really worth keeping. Simplify your life - this is a major change - Make this change work FOR YOU - take control of the things you wish to keep and make a pact with yourself to look forward instead of back. Get rid of those shorts from the 70s!!!

Dislocation. This is unfortunately more common than we think. Think: flooding, fire, damage from a storm, the home is not ready to move in to when promised, you've lost or changed jobs, you've sold your home quicker than you anticipated, you've decided to change school districts, you've decided to hit the road in the RV - all these things contribute to being dislocated at some point in our lives. What better, easier, more efficient way to temporarily store your items than an R&R Self Storage of Jasper storage unit!

Currently in our state of affairs, building has taken quite a hit on being timely. Used to, when our contractor said it would be 3 months we might be able to realistically look at being able to move in about 5-6 months. This is not the case in 2022. Most contractors are behind due to issues getting materials, weather, the ability or lack thereof in keeping employees, etc. We have to wait longer than expected and we just simply need a place for our stuff. We can move the kids and ourselves into the 2 bedroom rental in the meantime, but we can't fit our 3 bed 2 bath home of furnishings in the small temporary place. You need to store it!

Here is a link to some moving tips to help you along with that part of your journey Moving Tips.

Have you hired a mover? In Jasper, we rely on College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving - here is a link to their Jasper website College Hunks

Downsizing. Downsizing can actually be a lot of fun. When my husband and I found ourselves as empty nesters we decided to sell our home and move to our cabin on the creek in the neighboring town. We went from a 2 bed 2 bath to a one bedroom fishing cabin with a loft area. With 2 great danes and a yorkie! Yes, it was a tight fit!

When we decided to downsize, we went through all of our belongings and really asked ourselves: Do I need this? Do I want this anymore? Maybe the kids would like this piece of furniture or artwork? We rented a dumpster and threw away the items we no longer needed, items we hadn't used in years. But we have found having been in the storage industry that so many people are taking to the road! They've bought or rented an RV, and extra car to zoom around in, a motorcycle - you name it! So, they sell the big house, move in to a basement apartment with family or friends (or a smaller home than the one they just moved from) in order to take advantage of that freedom. They need storage! All the belongings go in to storage while they are away enjoying life and traveling.

What if you've decided to downsize, but you're still working and have not retired yet? What if you've sold your large home but you're still in the market for the right home for you? R&R Self Storage of Jasper has plenty of storage units to hold your items while you focus on the next steps. Storage should easy - take the stuff, leave it there, come back to get it when you need or want it. Simple.

Take advantage of storage when you just don't know what to do with the stuff! With easy month to month leases, you don't get stuck in a long lease that you won't need. Climate controlled storage offers a place to keep your furnishings and electronics away from dampness and humidity (which causes mold, mildew, etc) Climate controlled units are more expensive, but that is because we supply heat and AC to these buildings that house your belongings - that's an electric bill and a larger expense in building these particular facilities. However, keeping your unit at a key temperature will protect those items in the long run! Don't skimp on the climate controlled storage if you have items that are of value to you!

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