Am I allowed to put *INSERT ITEM NAME HERE* into my storage unit?

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Shaye Young
November 30th, 2022

What can I not put into my R&R Self Storage unit in Jasper, 30143?

Items you cannot or should not store in your storage unit are:

  • Food or food items
  • Hazardous materials, chemicals, explosives.
  • Illegal items or stolen items (items you do not own)
  • Guns, ammunition, other weapons
  • Living items that can die (pets, plants, people - you definitely can't put people or pets in your storage unit)
  • Items that contain excess moisture that will cause the unit to produce mold or mildew
  • Family Heirlooms or items that have personal value above property value
  • Money
  • Clothing that contains fur or priceless furs.
  • Vehicles without the propert documentation
Storage is not a difficult thing, but it is time consuming and requires physical labor. It requires an amount of study and time put in to making sure it is organized so that you can still have access to items you need in the storage unit. Let's break this list down even further!
  • Food or food items expire. Although we have preventative measures in place at all of our locations, rodents and bugs really like to eat the food that is left open or available to them. This is why we should never put food in a storage unit. In addition, food will rot or mold and could cause other items in your unit to be ruined.
  • Hazardous materials, chemicals, explosives - these are safety hazard items. Hazardous materials are more unstable unless kept in a steady environment. Chemicals can have reactions under pressures (such as extreme heat or extreme cold, too much moisture in the environment, etc). Paint, thinner, oil, bleach, cleaners containing bleach, combustibles, any type of gas
  • Illegal items - this one is pretty self explanatory.
  • Guns, Ammo, Other weapons - These items ultimately require a climate-safe environment to avoid rusting and corrosion.
  • Living Items - unless you have a climate controlled storage unit, your plants will not survive in a storage unit for very long. Obviously no pets or people, please!
  • Wet items - these items will cause mold and/or mildew and could cause damage to your other items in your unit (or perhaps even adjacent units!) - Drying out the items first before storing them in the unit is ideal. Think things like scuba gear, boating items, floats, clothing items, etc.
  • Family Heirlooms - these items just simply cannot be replaced. These are items that you would put far more value on than the actual value itself. Keeping these items safe is paramount, so if it is necessary to store them, we suggest storing in a climate controlled unit. Your unit has your lock, and the climate controlled hallways are locked separately as well, giving another layer of protection. If you would not store an item in, say, your basement, or your garage due to sentiment, we suggest you carefully consider the proper storage in this situation.
  • Money - Things happen! What if there is a disaster? What if there is a tornado, fire, hurricane? It is almost impossible to prove the amount of money someone had if it
  • Furs or clothing with fur - Fur should be kept dry. Consider climate controlled storage should you need to store any type of fur
  • All vehicles in storage should have proper documentation on the lease. The VIN number, year make model of the vehicle are all very important information items that should be on file with the office

What CAN I store in my R&R Self Storage of Jasper GA 30143 storage unit?

Generally speaking, household furnishings and items can be stored in your storage unit. Artwork, clothing, photos (should be kept in an airtight bin), appliances, home decor and furnishings, wine, collectibles and antiques (consider a climate controlled unit for these items especially if your value of these items exceeds their actual value). When in doubt, use plastic storage bins or containers to house your items inside your storage unit. This makes it easier to carry, transport, move, pack and stack! Storage bins with lids add more space to your unit allowing you to pack the storage unit in a neater and more efficient way.

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