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Shaye Young
January 11th, 2023

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OK - so what makes #storage auctions such an ever-growing and changing market?  

Let's face it:  The internet changed the world.  The speed at which knowledge travels is unsurpassed these days.  You don't know the answer to something?  There is little need to ask a human - just reach out to your favorite search engine and ask your question Google Yelp Bing Youtube - The same goes for the storage industry.  What?  You can purchase storage units that people haven't paid for and sell the items inside?  Yes, please!

No one can forget about the ever-popular storage show  Storage Wars  This particular AETV show really made the self storage industry popular because it made the consumer aware.  Not only did it promote the storage facilities themselves, but the cast of the show became famous for their roles in the industry, which were not related at all!   These guys are simply storage auction buyers that use the "storage unit gains" to make money for their personal ventures.  Brilliant!  Fox News did a piece about these guys... What about CELEBRITIES that utilize storage and they pass, no one knows they have it, they forget about it themselves, the bill gets missed and the items purchased at auction like 5 Celebrities Who Lost their Storage Stuff.  <----THIS IS A SUPER INTERESTING READ IF YOU'VE GOT A MOMENT...  Michael Jackson Whitney Houston Paris Hilton Aretha Franklin Nicholas Cage  (thanks to Wikipedia and IMDB for a couple of those references)

Some interesting celebrity storage facts:

Robert Pattinson¬†has storage units all over the¬†United States¬†because he travels so frequently.¬† I feel like it would be difficult to remember what you have in what storage unit where.... Lionel Richie¬†hid his tour bus from his soon-to-be-ex wife in a storage lot, and he rented a separate unit for additional items.¬† She probably wishes should would have known about that new bus!¬† ūüĎÄūüĎÄ Madonna¬†lost her items in a storage auction due to non payment of her unit rent.¬† Mistake by the assistant - she was able to retrieve some items after a court battle involving¬†Ebay Jessica Alba¬†was seen carrying Christmas decor in and out of her storage unit in Manhattan Ringo Starr¬†netted $9.2 Million after he and his wife auctioned over 1300 pieces of memorabilia!¬†¬†

The fact of the matter is that when regular people realized you can bid on and purchase abandoned or unpaid storage units, the market went crazy.  We utilize a platform called StorageAuctions to sell units we have that have not been paid for.  Obviously, there are multiple storage auction sites online - you can find units that are close to your area and bid on those units only.  

But don't be gun shy to go out and rent a storage unit from R&R Self Storage of Jasper just because you are afraid your stuff will get sold at auction. 
The FIRST rule of thumb is PAY YOUR STORAGE BILL!¬† It is just like a house for your stuff - if you don't pay for you own house, you have to leave said house.¬† Same with storage!¬† The storage auction process is not quick.¬† It takes several weeks to legally process a storage unit sale at auction.¬† THAT MEANS that when you see a storage unit at auction, someone has had plenty of time to pay the balance due on that storage unit.¬†¬† ūüď∑

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