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Storage Units In Jasper Ga 30143

Shaye Young
January 10th, 2023

R&R Self Storage of Jasper

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R&R Self Storage of Jasper has 6 storage facilities in Jasper, GA to serve our friends, colleagues and neighbors.  

All 6 locations feature:Gated facilities with keypad entry24/7 Unit accessVideo surveillanceMonth to month leasesPro-rated move inExcellent customer service

We all work hard to promote our business and brand to the community.  Google definitely has the market wrangled when it comes to reviews.  I recently had a tenant change a negative review to a 5 star review, only to change it a day later to a 1-star review.  Was R&R Self Storage of Jasper deserving of said negative review?  No.  BUT - said review still remains.  

R&R Self Storage of Jasper prides itself in the customer service we give to our tenants.  With 6 locations in Pickens County, we are here to serve our friends, neighbors and colleagues.  461 N. Main Street, Jasper, GA 30143 is the main office location - next to Dobson Motors.  

Here are some reviews that R&R Self Storage of Jasper has received:  

N. Main review

Review from Mr. Jones

Review from Ms. Osbourne

Review from Ms. Shiver

Melissa's review

These reviews are for our North Main location - we have 6 different locations, so our reviews are spread out throughout all 6.  Here is a map to the North Main location  Main

These are all GREAT reviews!  Below are some guidelines to leaving a review that people can relate to, count on, and trust.  

Provide information about yourself.   Help others understand if your perspective would match up with theirs. You don’t have to be extremely specific in the online review, but it’s helpful to give some basic understanding. If it’s a local business: are you from the community or are visiting from out of town? If it’s a product: did you buy it personally?   When readers know they have things in common with you, it makes them take your review more seriously - we feel a connection because we place value in someone else describing their personal feelings and experience with us. Describe what you bought/did. If you went out to dinner at a restaurant, tell the reader what you received and your experience.  You can throw a picture or two in there as well!   If you shopped online, describe your item and the details:  the fit, the material, the shipping - all of it. If you visited a destination or toured somewhere, give specific information regarding exhibits or areas you saw. Also consider mentioning how you found the business - was it GoogleYelpBingGoogle Maps - let us know how you came to encounter your experience.   Be specific . Reviews that just give general concession about the business overall seem less genuine and doesn't carry that "TRUST" factor that we are looking for. What did you like about your experience?  What didn't you like?  If you are taking the time to post a genuine review, be genuine in your thoughts and concerns focusing on what the reader needs you to share with them.   Give tips and suggestions. It is difficult to leave feelings and emotion at the door when sharing a review.  Some reviews are just simply negative, but is that negative review filled with clear emotion and feelings?  "I was very unhappy with this experience" - why?  If I read this review, I would immediately feel like this person was disgruntled in some way, and there is usually a backstory that you're not hearing.  What IS happening, though, is there is a negative "bug" placed in your ear.  It is very easy to see (with multiple reviews) when a review is just to slander a business.   Provide insight if you've been involved with a similar company. So you have come to a new car lot, but when you went to "X" car lot two weeks ago they provided warm beverages and a place for your kids to play.  New company doesn't have either, but what is important to remember is that not everyone needs those amenities, so INCLUDE THEM!  We can pick and choose what parts will affect us.  Give us all the info!  You can be brief and thorough at the same time.   Phrase your negative feedback in a positive way. The purpose for a review is for a prospective client to read it and make an educated determination as to whether to proceed or not.  Again, negative reviews showing lots of emotion are not taken seriously unless they are written professionally and cautiously.  What was negative, specifically?  Was there an offset positive that you could include as well?  There are times that a negative review is necessary to inform the consumer!  You have to be diligent in providing the consumer with CORRECT and RELATABLE information.   Tell a story. I'm a visual person.  Think Airbnb:  when a guest leaves a review, that guest is speaking to future guests staying with this host.  Was the house clean?  Did the pictures look like they did on the listing?  Were the grounds kept up?  If the host provided something extra or out of the ordinary - LET US KNOW!  We love those little touches!  We LOVE to know you had a great time, or that you wish there would have been more towels left out.  We recently were involved in helping The Carriage House restaurant Jasper in collecting toys for Toys for Tots due to a theft.  Carriage House told their story, and the community banded together to help.  That is a positive review worthy story right there!  You can review different aspects of a company from its actual products and services to its involvement in the community - our involvement is in Pickens County, GA Write about all the experiences you've had - not just straight negative or straight positive. We have to take the good with the bad.  We know that a 1-start review is likely a very bad experience, or a review based on emotion.  But, if you have consistent sub-par reviews, your credibility is going to be immediately in question.  But, if a reader is scrolling and all the reviews are 5 start or close to it, and you have 1 random 1-star review, the reader is likely going to discredit the 1-start review.  If you consistently have 1-star reviews, your business will likely be at risk of losing customers to bad reviews.   Be to the point, but make your review COUNT! "Just the facts, Ma'am!"  I know that we have to have FEELING in our posts so they have credibility, but keep it simple with straight forward wording - keep the attention of the reader!  We are reading your review to gain confidence to move forward with our interaction with the business.  Focus on the POINTS - you're taking the time to write the review for others.  Being a business owner is hard.  You will never please 100% of the people 100% of the time.  Getting reviews from people you've interacted with recently is best if possible.  Are you sitting together finalizing some paperwork?  Go ahead and send the link so the client can do the review while you all wait.  Take the "I hope they leave me a review" out of the equation - "I am almost done with your paperwork - would you care to do a quick review of your experience with us?  We would greatly appreciate it!" - Easy!  Done!  Reviewed!

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